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 "The real thing, writing and singing songs that matter."
- George Getschow (Journalist/Author) 




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Rī Wolf



After spending the last 14 years as a collegiate track and field coach in Texas and almost 9 years away from music, Rī Wolf has burst back into the music scene with a Grass Roots Americana sound reminiscent of a West Texas Troubadour making his way back home. Rī is returning with a sound that’s rooted in great songwriting, unforgettable melodies and rugged authenticity. With a guitar driven mix of country, soul, blues and rock, Rī brings these elements together for a unique, but familiar sound laced with stories true and familiar to those who call Texas and the Great Plains home.


His newly formed band, Rī Wolf & The Prairie Hawks are a dynamic 5 part ensemble rooted in the rich traditions of Blues and Americana. Led by the enigmatic singer-songwriter Rī Wolf, this collective of talented musicians weaves together soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and intricate instrumentation, creating a sonic landscape that is both timeless and contemporary.


Hailing from West Texas, Rī Wolf draws inspiration from the vast expanse of the prairies, infusing their music with a sense of wanderlust and a deep appreciation for the rugged natural world. With a voice that resonates with raw emotion and a guitar that speaks volumes, Rī Wolf delivers each lyric with an authenticity that captivates audiences and transports them to the heart of the American experience.


The Prairie Hawks, comprising a group of seasoned musicians, provide a solid foundation for Rī's songs to flourish. Their collective expertise in blues, rock, and Americana genres brings a rich tapestry of sound to the stage, weaving together elements of lap steel/pedal steel guitar (Rick Faucett), drums (Chancley Stater), bass (Craig Ames), and backing vocals (Katie Beth Mihm) that evoke the spirit of the open road.


Rī Wolf & The Prairie Hawks have earned a dedicated following through their electrifying live performances, leaving audiences spellbound with their impassioned delivery and undeniable chemistry on stage. Whether performing in intimate venues or on festival stages, their music resonates with a universal truth.


With their debut album receiving critical acclaim and garnering airplay on renowned radio stations, Rī Wolf & The Prairie Hawks are carving their own path in the contemporary Blues and Americana scene. Their songs delve into themes of love, loss, resilience, and the triumph of the human spirit, offering a heartfelt and introspective exploration of the human experience.


As Rī Wolf & The Prairie Hawks continue to captivate audiences with their soul-stirring performances and thought-provoking songwriting, they embody the very essence of Blues and Americana music—a fusion of tradition and innovation that speaks to the heart and soul of listeners young and old.


- Song "Ode To Larry McMurtry" is used on the new book trailer for "Pastures Of The Empty Page" by George Getschow and published by UT Press.  (2023)

- "Where The Yellow Meets Blue" Peaks at #33 on the Texas Country Music Charts (2023)

- "Easy On Me" hits Country Music Friday on Spotify and Hits Top 50 on Texas Country Music CHart (2023)

- "Blood Red River" Spotify World Top 200 Blues Chart (Jan/Feb 2022)

- International Singer/Songwriter Assoc. Awards Finalist - "Male Rising Star" and "Single of the Year" with "Blood Red River" (2022)

- "Hurricane" Hits Top 50 Texas Regional Radio Chart (2022)

- "Desert Marigold" climbed to #7 on the illustrious CoolTop 20 Indie Chart. (Jan 2022)

- "Strawberry Fields EP" Clouzine Magazine 2021 Best Country EP (Fall 2021)

- Notable Collabs - Justin Johnson, Sophie Dorsten, Bryan Daste, Carmen Bruno (Trailerhawk), Charu Suri, Cary Pierce (Jackopierce), Kyleen King (Brandi Carlile)

- Shared Stages/Performers - Mark Chesnutt, Jon Wolfe, Drayton Farley, Jesse Daniel, Shaker Hymns, Autumn Ragland, Matt Castillo, Jamestown Revival, David Ramirez, Dallas Burrow, Bart Crow, Zac Wilkerson, Damn Quails, Josh Weathers, Scotty Alexander, Cody Hibbard



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